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Jenny & Scott

I will be honest in that I put videography on the cutting room floor of our budget; I felt it was a “want” not a “need.” In a generous twist of fate, Visual Reflection Videography was secretly hired by close family friends as an early wedding present. Now looking back, I would put videography at the importance level of photography. Honestly, it’s that important and that much of a treasure.

Gordon was such a gem! He answered all my questions and was so easy to work with. I admittedly was a bit nervous as I’m not at all comfortable in front of the camera, so I had no idea what to expect with being filmed all day. He assured me he would just casually be there and I didn’t have to feel like I needed to “be on camera” at any point. He did exactly as promised. For the most part, I didn’t even notice he was there and I mean that in the nicest way possible! Anytime I did interact with him, he just felt like a friend there I was chatting or laughing with. I never once felt uncomfortable or that he was “in the way.”

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My husband and I just watched our full video this past weekend and couldn’t stop smiling. There were so many times I said things like, “I don’t remember him being there for that!” or “Aww! I didn’t know that happened!” As everyone warned me, the day goes by sooo fast. I tried very hard to stay in the moment, but I blinked and the day was over. Our photos are a wonderful still reminder of the day, but Gordon’s artistry truly made the entire experience come to life - hearing my husband and I reading our cards to each other, exchanging our vows, the laughter and giggling of my girls and I while getting ready, guests mingling and dancing, I could go on and on.

Gordon is a true artist of his craft, honest, easy going, and just an all-around great guy. My husband and I will be forever grateful that he was a part of our wedding day. Videography is a NEED and I would recommend Visual Reflection to anyone looking for a videographer!!

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Tahreem & Tyler

I am writing this review 1 year after our wedding and having just watched our highlight video again, I would be doing a disservice by not sharing how much we LOVE Visual Reflections. I can without a doubt state that Gordon from Visual Reflections was my favorite and most valuable vendor for our wedding weekend. Gordon created a 5 minute (appox.) highlight video for us along with a full length (1hr 45 min) video. The highlight video has been so valuable to us, capturing the most memorable moments from the weekend that we can share with family and friends in such an easy and enjoyable manner. His work has helped us relive our wedding weekend over and over again.

From the moment I met Gordon during our wedding weekend, there was an ease and comfort about him, which is so important to have with a vendor who is literally going to be following you around all day long. I barely noticed he was there, yet he was able to capture all the moments of our weekend.

Apart from Gordon's fantastic work and work ethic (he kept us updated; responded quickly to emails; had a highlight video for us within 1 week, etc); Gordon is also a great guy! We have run into him at multiple weddings after our own and he always makes an effort to come say hello and share friendly conversation.

If you are at all on the fence about a videographer - please go with Gordon - you will so happy with the lasting memories he will create for you.

R   ebecca & Cristopher 

My mother in law insisted that I should hire a videographer for my wedding. I am a very frugal person. When I looked at how pricey videographers were I struggled with hiring one because I didn’t want to spend the money. A friend of a friend referred me to Gordon and right away I knew he was going to be great. His prices were very reasonable and his videos on his website were the best I had seen. I couldn’t believe it at first. He was the only vendor of mine that didn’t stress me out. He kept things very simple and easy. All I really had to tell him was what time and where to be at my venue (and that was handled months before my wedding!)He arrived at my wedding and got started right away. He teamed up with my photographer and you would have never guessed that they hadn’t worked together before. In fact I got asked by many of my guest if they were from the same company, because they worked so well with each other. I absolutely love the video that Gordon captured for us! The whole day for me was an absolute blur. Gordon really captured the beauty of the venue and gave both my husband and I chance to relieve our day over and over again. He is seriously worth every penny! If I ever need a videographer again I will defiantly be contacting him and recommending him to all my friends and family!

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Kimmy & Alex

"The best decision we made for our wedding day was getting a videographer!! If you are looking for a wedding videographer stop and book with Gordon right now! We have gotten a teaser and a highlight reel for our TPC Sawgrass wedding and we have been blown away by both. I sang and wrote a song for my husband on our wedding day, & they pulled sound straight from the mixer and put our teaser video to it. Our highlight video made us feel like we were right back to our wedding day. We laughed and cried at all the amazing moments all over again. We looked really hard to find a videographer that would also include a full video and raw footage of the day. The wedding day is truly such a blur and we are so happy we can go back and relive the best day ever. Thank you, Gordon!!"

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