About Gordon

My name is Gordon Yurk. I'm the Lead for every photo session and wedding captured by Visual Reflection because I want to be absolutely certain that every image is captured the way it should be. You only get one chance to capture the many, many great moments that happen during the wedding day or photo/video shoot so I take full responsibility in making sure that we capture everything to the very best of our ability. I'm a very easy person to work with. It takes A LOT to stress me out which allows me to be very flexible when creating a timeline, working around any unforeseen circumstances that may arise and always doing my best to keep everyone around me as calm and comfortable as I am. This characteristic also allows me to work well with all of your other vendors and to help you and everyone involved in your event or photo/video session to just relax and have a great time.



et's Have Some Fun

Any talented wedding photographer or videographer can take romantic pictures and create a romantic cinematic wedding film of your wedding but there's so much more to a wedding day than that. You'll see so many of the exact same type of shots in the majority of the wedding photos and videos you see because too many wedding photographers and videographers care more about impressing each other than they do creating something that truly represents the wide variety of emotions you experience on your wedding day. That is the most distinguishing feature about the photos and videos we create. While, we craft them to show the love you share, the fun you have when it's just the two of you as well as the celebration with your family and guests is what really makes each story so unique. So, as you'll notice in the examples in our gallery, no two weddings are the same. We do our best to customize each wedding photo and video we create to fit the couple we're working with!